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Felt Slippers and Wool Felt Shoes Made from 100% Natural, Mulesing-Free Wool

All WoolFit slippers have one thing in common: they are made exclusively from sustainable materials, most notably natural wool. Only pure wool can preserve the unique natural feel and breathable effect of felt.

In Germany, the term "wool felt" can be used for felt with a wool content of just 95%. The remaining 5% is typically supplemented with synthetic materials to make the felt easier to process mechanically. However, this not only makes it less breathable, but also less biodegradable.

Natural, organic wool

Vegetable-tanned, high-quality leather sole

Non-slip natural rubber sole

Sustainable, Fair Slippers with High-Quality Standards

No matter how sustainable the materials are, if the quality is not good, then even the most sustainable materials are not worth it. Therefore, quality and durability are our top priorities when it comes to our slippers.

The advantage of WoolFit slippers lies in their construction: most of our models are made using a centuries-old craft technique called wet felting. This involves felting the shoe by hand in one piece, which means that it does not need seams, which are often the weakest point in terms of durability.

The second advantage is the insoles that many of our models have. Once they have been worn out, they can be easily replaced without having to renew the entire shoe.

The Right Shoe for Every Foot

We started with the Footprint barefoot slipper, which adapts to the shape of the wearer's foot. Now we have a variety of different models designed for the different needs of their wearers.

Flexible, soft slippers for barefoot wearers

Roomy slippers for insole wearers

Seamless felt slippers for sensitive feet

Models available for narrow, normal, and extra-wide feet

Available in sizes 18-50 in many colors and styles

Felt Slippers for Insole Wearers

As an insole wearer, it's not easy to find a nice felt slipper that fits your own orthopedic inserts. We have developed a shoe last with the German traditional company Fargus that is ideal for most inserts. Our Classic Slipper range can comfortably accommodate inserts up to 1 cm thick. Other models, such as the Taiga home office slipper or the Ballerina, are also suitable for inserts, but are more suitable for thinner inserts of 4-6mm.

Very good customer feedback regarding the fit of their own inserts

We offer a variety of felt insoles in different colors

Our secret tip for insole wearers: the FeelGood footbed

Leather Sole Slippers

Most of our slippers have a leather sole. Leather is a sustainable material, as it is usually a by-product of the meat industry. It is ideal for slipper soles because it is regionally available and has excellent properties in terms of flexibility, slip resistance, and durability. They also have a very elegant look and can be worn comfortably on the sofa without feeling "wrong". The leather sole of our Kirgistan models is vegetable-tanned, i.e. purely vegetable and without chemicals.