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As WoolFit Slippers USA, we're committed to quality, comfort, and sustainability. Becoming a WoolFluencer means joining an inclusive community that shares these values and the love of our brand. Here are some compelling reasons why influencers and creators should consider joining our WoolFluencer program:

By becoming a WoolFluencer, you're not just promoting a product - you're advocating for a lifestyle centered around comfort, quality, and sustainability. We look forward to welcoming new WoolFluencers into our growing community and working together to share the WoolFit experience with more people.

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WoolFit USA provides the most comfortable and eco-friendly slippers on the market while ensuring a positive impact on the communities we work with. Join us in spreading the Woolness-Feeling and natural wellness by partnering with us: Earn cash, free WoolFit slippers and so much more!

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Our warehouse is in the heart of Maryland. Should we ever run out of stock here in the US, we deliver with FedEx within 2-4 business days.

Shipping is 100% Free. There are no hidden costs. In 98% of cases, we deliver within 2-4 business days.

Returns are 100% as well. You can initiate them via our returns portal where you can also initiate exchanges. The easiest way to exchange however, is to return, get the refund and order again.

The Brand

Meet Benni, Lari and Sven, the people behind the brand WoolFit, founded in 2019 to make the most comfortable, fair and sustainable slippers in the world. Click here to learn more.

WoolFit slippers are handmade in Nepal and Kyrgysztan. We take great pride in our partners and the products we make together. Learn more about the traditional craftsmanship and work that flows into every pair by clicking here.

Wool has been used in clothing and footwear for thousands of years. It's benefits are here for you to examine

Find out how to keep WoolFits clean via this link here