Cleaning WoolFit Slippers - How to get your WoolFits clean again

Even though wool is largely self-cleaning: at some point, your WoolFits deserve a little beauty treatment too.

Here you can find our recommendations on how to get your felt slippers clean again.

For those who want to know it quickly, a quick look at our beautiful explanation icons is probably enough.

Care tips for felt shoes:

Step 1: Knock off dust Even if you can hardly see it, after some wear, a lot of dust has accumulated in your favorite shoes. Therefore, the first step should always be to knock off the dust. Note: Be sure to do this outside (even for the first "test knock" ;-)

Step 2: Brushing Most stains, lint, and fluff can be easily brushed out. Often, the shoes look (almost) like new again and shine with new color power (except for gray WoolFits). We recommend our own WoolFit felt brush made of 100% natural bristles (available from the beginning of June). It is important that the bristles are not too hard so that they do not loosen the wool fibers too much.

Step 3: Hand wash For grease stains or similar, a hand wash is suitable. It is important that the water does not exceed 35°C. We also recommend using shampoo instead of harsh soap so that the wool fibers do not become brittle.

Afterward, shape the wet shoe, possibly stuff it with paper, and let it dry in the shade at room temperature.

Possible step 4: Machine wash WoolFits are also machine washable, although we would rather recommend it as a "last option." It is important to choose the gentle wool cycle with the smallest possible spin speed and not exceed 35°C.

Again: Shape the wet shoes afterward, possibly stuff them with paper, and let them dry in the shade at room temperature.

Care of the leather sole:

The leather sole should be cleaned with typical leather care products, such as a leather brush. Then apply a leather oil, which protects the leather from drying out and makes it more water-repellent again. If the leather sole becomes too dry, it tends to become brittle and crack, just like our skin.

Special feature for completely handmade felt slippers:

Hand-felted slippers are usually felted softer and therefore release wool from time to time, which is called "shedding." Simply collect the loose wool occasionally.