Just a shoe? Why sustainable clothing has a bigger impact than you think

Just a shoe? Why sustainable clothing has a bigger impact than you think

Do you know that there are so many companies involved in the creation of typical "fast fashion" clothing? Most of them are toxic and harmful to the environment, such as dyes that harm the clothes' fibers, or fabrics and garments that shorten their lifespan while they're being created. It pays to care about what you wear since the apparel industry is actually one of the biggest contributors to pollution and climate change.

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More and more people are opting for sustainable and fair fashion instead of clothing made from synthetic fabrics and cheap fast fashion products.

— But how big are the effects of our purchasing decisions really?

Don't worry, this will not be an article discussing the CO2 consumption of a cheap t-shirt or the water consumption of a pair of jeans. We prefer to focus on something positive.

This article is about an aspect that I have never read anywhere on the subject of sustainable clothing: the influence of sustainable clothing on our personality and our behavior.

"Clothes make the man" is a saying that has a lot of truth in it and about which I would like to philosophize a bit at this point (rewarding 3 minutes of reading time).

If we put on a smart suit or an evening dress, then we do it to trigger a corresponding effect on the viewer. You want to come across as chic, of course. But at the same time, our behavior and behavior adapts to the clothes.

Through our clothing, we slip into different roles in everyday life, which are also associated with different behaviors. It is difficult for many people to relax in their "work clothes" and they have to slip into their sweatpants and WoolFit slippers at the end of the day to switch off.

On the other hand, many people find it difficult to work productively in their feel-good clothing. For the home office, we recommend, for example, feel-good work clothing, which you can use to switch between work mode and feel-good mode on the outside (my tip would of course be the Taiga home office slippers).

— How does sustainable clothing change our behavior?

Probably very similar! Just as we find it easier to behave our best in a suit, we find it easier to act sustainably in sustainable clothing.

We humans strive for coherence in our thinking, acting and our external impact. Why should we buy sustainable clothing if we otherwise live unsustainably and produce tons of plastic waste?

Sustainable clothing is a personal commitment to act sustainably.

Fair and sustainable garments are our little reminders in everyday life, which remind us of our values when we wear them and help us to make more sustainable decisions.

In this way, even a small purchase decision can have a major impact that goes beyond the lower consumption of resources or fairer production conditions. Fair clothing is therefore also a great gift for someone you might want to introduce to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Always stay nice and sustainable!

Your Benni from WoolFit
Founder and hobby philosopher