Which WoolFit slippers suit me?

Which WoolFit slippers suit me?

This cut-and-sew shoe has proven to be developed in different versions and variants. But which WoolFit slippers you should choose? Just ask yourself: Do you live in eastern Europe where the average temperature is about -15 degrees and the annual precipitation amounts to approx. 200 cm? Or you live in Azerbaijan though, a country with low precipitation and an average temperature of +20 degrees? In order to find the right model, we have compiled an overview for you. Keep on reading!

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Admittedly, we now have a lot of different models - it's not that easy to decide.

That's why we have a little guide for you here to find out which WoolFit slipper best suits your needs.


First of all: they are all super comfortable and you won't make a bad choice with any of them. Look for the bold headings. If you find yourself there, then below are our recommendations.

— Are you looking for a slipper that you can put your own insoles in?

The question here is how thick your own insoles are. Relatively thick insoles find the best place in our Classic slipper range, which comes standard with an 8-9mm thick felt insole. For more support, we recommend the version as a closed classic slipper.

The Classic range has a very strong, robust felt. If you prefer soft, flexible felt and like to wear your shoes barefoot, we recommend the Vario barefoot slippers with felt footbed. These have a hand-felted and anatomically shaped footbed made of wool, which is sewn to a non-slip hemp underside. However, replacing this great pleasure in foot fun with your own insoles should be done at your own risk ;-)

If your insoles are not too thick, then all other slippers from our "Slippers with insoles" category, which have an approx. 4-5 mm thick felt insole, are also suitable.

Are you looking for slippers with a soft upper?

All shoes are suitable here except for the Classic series, the Steps, the Ballerina slippers and the WoolFit Vitus. The Footprint, Tibet, Yeti and Vario barefoot slipper models are particularly soft.

Are you looking for barefoot slippers?

  • For indoor use, we recommend our bestseller, the WoolFit Footprint.
  • For outdoor use, we recommend the WoolFit Nomad, for extra toe freedom, it is best to take the Nomad one size larger. Not just a great slipper, but a fully-fledged barefoot shoe in which you just feel good.

— Are you just looking for a good, sustainable standard slipper?

Then we recommend our two Tundra models (slippers with a flat entry) and the closed Highland slippers. Both are super soft to the touch and unlike most of our other slippers, are made with machine-made felt. This also makes them cheaper. Are you looking for an inexpensive, sustainable slipper? Then we recommend our models Tibet, Tundra, and Highland.

Are you looking for slippers against cold feet?

Then we recommend the Yeti, Taiga, and Footprint models. 

Are you looking for traditional hand-felted slippers without a seam?

Our models from Kyrgyzstan are hand-felted and particularly robust: Classic Slippers, Step, Ballerina, Vitus Our models from Nepal are hand-felted and particularly soft: Footprint, Yeti, Tibet, Vario, and the moccasin.

If you would like personal advice, simply send us an email or give us a call. You can find the contact details here.

Have fun with your WoolFits!