10 reasons why we love wool slippers

10 reasons why we love wool slippers

With the colder weather, many of us crave warmth and comfort in our homes. However, it can be challenging to keep our feet cozy, even with multiple pairs of socks. This is where wool slippers come in as an ideal solution. Not only are they comfortable, but they also keep our feet warm without requiring multiple layers of socks. Here are our top 10 reasons why we love wool slippers.

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With the temperature dropping, and the weather getting more and more chilly by the day, our need to get cozy and curl up in our blanket with a mug of hot tea increases.

But some of the hardest body parts to warm up are our feet. Having cold feet is a common and regular issue and wearing multiple pairs of socks simultaneously is far from an ideal solution.

What is much closer to an ideal solution are wool slippers. Slippers that keep us warm, are comfortable, and can be worn without needing to put our socks on first.

There are a few reasons we love wool slippers and here are our top 10:

1) Refreshingly comfortable

The issue with most slippers is that they are often uncomfortable to wear. Walking with slippers usually means being careful of every step you take, lifting your foot in a way that allows the slipper to stay on your foot and not fall off.

Wool slippers are made in such a way that you no longer have to think about this. It wraps around your foot in a light and comfortable manner so that you can forget you are wearing slippers whatsoever.

Wool by itself is an amazingly soft and fluffy material that feels great to touch. This gives wool slippers an inherent advantage over all other kinds of slippers because of the materials alone.

Slippers made out of material like plastic may cause discomfort and often scratch the wearer's foot, especially the instep. Wool slippers are an excellent alternative for people with sensitive feet or if individuals that are plain tired of getting scratched by their own slippers.

2) A natural, sustainable, eco-friendly choice

It's not usually slippers that come to mind when thinking of natural and eco-friendly products. We usually think about things like straws, cars, and cups.

Yet, if we really want to make a change, we need to look at all areas of our life and see where and how we can do and be better.

When it comes to slippers, there simply aren’t many such options out there. People conscious of their environmental footprint have a hard time making the right choice.

Wool slippers are one such option. They allow individuals to use footwear that is natural and sustainable. They replace materials like leathers, synthetics, rubber form, and plastic, while at the same time not compromising their comfort, warmth, and style.

3) They hug your foot

Wool’s natural elasticity is one of the primary reasons people of all ages adore wool as a material for their clothes. This is especially the case when it comes to wool slippers for the reason that it hugs around the foot in a way that no other slipper or footwear can, similar to socks.

This ability to adapt its shape to force allows wool slippers to form and shape themselves in a way that feels not only comfortable but also warm and lightweight at the same time.

4) Completely odourless

Unpleasant odors are a common issue that comes with wearing socks and/or plastic slippers for prolonged periods.

And, while these odors can quickly go away after a wash of the feet, this option is not always available. In addition, wool slippers would have eliminated the need to make this time-consuming effort in the first place.

Wearing wool slippers makes it so that you have to one less thing to worry about. You can put your slippers on without having to think about what you’ll do later in the day or if you’ll have to wash your feet just to go to bed.

5) They keep your feet dry

Sweating is another unpleasant occurrence that comes with wearing socks, shoes, or synthetic fabric house shoes. 

While sweat by itself is not necessarily negative, excessive amounts in such closed areas do nothing but encourage the development of bacteria. This is what leads so many people, especially athletes and the elderly, to develop foot fungus.

Wool slippers have the unique ability of moisture absorption. They can take the air’s moisture and keep it away from your feet for a dry, comfortable feeling no matter how long you want to wear them for.

6) They're flexible

Blisters, corns, and bunions are some common foot problems a lot of people are facing, and even more develop over time. Issues like these tend to happen because of endless hours of wearing stiff shoes and footwear that are hard to bend. Like boots and anything made of plastic and synthetics.

Wool’s ability to stretch, bend, and remain soft without tearing, makes wool slippers the perfect choice for everyone that has issues like the ones above and is tired of hurting while walking.

7) Great for inside & outside

A bothersome issue that comes with having to leave the house is changing from your pajamas to a more presentable attire. Whether you are going for this week's groceries, or out for a personal errand, you have to wear something more socially acceptable.

Wool slippers make this process easier thanks to their overall structure and the way they look. The upper part, almost completely made from wool, has a great aesthetic that rivals other conventional shoes. At the same time, their soles are usually made of thick rubber, allowing for carefree walking on the road, sidewalks, and even rougher terrain like parks and country lanes.

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8) Easy on and off

Urgency appears in a handful of ways in our daily lives. 

Whether there is a courier outside waiting to hand over a delivery package, or you are running late for an important business appointment, there are times when one has to rush out of the house as soon as possible.

Wool slippers make it so that you have one less thing to worry about. The time spent putting on shoes is cut out of the equation. Instead, you can wear your wool slippers and save a few minutes that could prove to be crucial in your first impression.

9) Minimalist

As much as some people might try to deny it, fashion is important. And while indeed, it’s not necessary to follow every latest trend and keep track of whatever was showcased in this week’s fashion show in New York, having great style is always beneficial.

Having great style helps with first impressions, thus making networking much easier. But even if one is not interested in meeting new people, style still plays a role in the second, third, and every other impression you’ll make.

Furthermore, it impacts your own confidence and personality. Research shows that wearing clothes that make us look good, gives us a significant boost in confidence and makes us overall happier.

The one quickest and easiest way to improve your style is with a minimalist, monochromatic look. Everyone has at least a few pieces of clothing that can fit this minimalist look and a pair of wool slippers is the perfect addition to complete the entire outfit and enhance the way you look and feel.

10) Hypoallergenic

The natural wool in wool slippers makes them a great choice for people that may experience rashes or other allergic reactions.

Wool, in general, is hypoallergenic and is often recommended for people with irritable skin. And while most might switch their clothing to include more wool, switching your footwear is often an afterthought. 

But they shouldn't be. The socks and shoes we wear keep our feet in an enclosed environment for hours and hours at a time. Allergies and irritations are more likely to occur when this is the case, although they could have been easily avoided.

Types of Wool Slippers

Regular Slippers 

These are the usual wool slippers that most people have in mind. Perfect for indoor use, they provide maximum comfort and the much-needed warmth that everyone longs for when spending a casual night at home.

Slipper Boots

Slipper boots, although similar to wool slippers, provide more stability to the wearer’s foot and has a look that is closer resembling to a conventional shoe. 

They are the perfect choice for someone that wants to look professional and stylish at the office without the discomfort and sweat that comes with regular synthetics

Indoor + Outdoor

Being the fusion of the two types above, Indoor + Outdoor wool slippers bring the best of both worlds into one, comfortable, stylish piece.

It’s the perfect choice for people that go in and out of the house multiple times during their day and for people that want something that they can wear anywhere. Whether it’s an errand, a visit to a friend, or in their own living room.


Are wool slippers too hot?

No, wool slippers are not too hot. They are natural temperature regulators, thanks to the small air pockets they have. This means they are warm and snuggly in the winter, but also a nice, breezy option in the summer

Won't my feet get sweaty?

No, your feet won’t get sweaty. Thanks to wool’s moisture absorption, wool slippers are a choice that keeps your feet dry and comfortable, no matter how long you wear them.

Are wool slippers itchy?

Wool slippers, and wool in general, are itchy only when cheap wool is combined with hasty techniques to increase their output. But with that output increase, comes a decrease in quality.

Our slippers are made of local sheep wool from shepherds who graze their sheep on natural pastures. Our slippers are then carefully handcrafted by quality handcraftsmen using techniques that lead to the most comfortable and durable result possible. Creating one such pair of slippers takes us 6 hours of dedicated work.

This ensures our wool slippers always meet our high quality standards and never feel itchy.

Read more about our sustainable, mulesing-free approach here

Are Wool Slippers good for summer?

Yes, wool slippers are a great choice for summer. While many people don’t think about wool slippers in the summer, their moisture absorption and natural temperature regulation make wool slippers a choice that keeps your feet less sweaty and cooler during the hot summer days.